VMware NSX-T is designed to address the emerging application frameworks and architectures that have heterogeneous endpoints and technology stacks. In addition to vSphere, these environments may also include other hypervisors, containers, bare metal, and public clouds. Network Insight supports NSX-T deployments where the VMs are managed by vCenter.


  • Network Insight supports NSGroups, NSX-T Firewall Rules, IPSets, NSX-T Logical Ports, and NSX-T Logical Switches.

  • Network Insight does not support displaying information about routers, edge nodes, underlay and overlay paths of VMs..

  • Only NSX-T 2.0 is supported.

  • Network Insight does not support the KVM hosts as well as the individual ESXi servers added to NSX-T.

  • Network Insight supports both NSX-V and NSX-T deployments. When you use NSX in your queries, the results include both NSX-V and NSX-T entities. NSX Manager lists both NSX-V and NSX-T Managers. NSX Security Groups list both NSX-T and NSX-V security groups. If NSX-V or NSX-T is used instead of NSX, then only those entities are displayed. The same logic applies to the entities such as firewall rules, IPSets, and logical switches.

To Add an NSX-T Manager as a Data Source

Here are the prerequisites for adding an NSX-T Manager as a data source:

  • Before adding NSX - T, add at least one vCenter which is associated with NSX - T to Network Insight.

  • It is recommended that you add all the vCenters associated with NSX-T as data sources in Network Insight.

To add an NSX-T Manager:

  1. On the Accounts and Data Source page under Settings, click Add Source.

  2. Under VMware Manger in the Select an Account or Data Type page, select VMware NSX-T Manager.

  3. Provide the user credentials. The user should be a local user with the audit level permissions.

Examples for Queries

Here are some examples for queries related to NSX-T:

Table 1.


Search Results

NSX-T Manager where VC Manager=

NSX-T Manager where this particular VC Manager has been added as the compute manager

NSX-T Logical Switch

Lists all the NSX-T Logical switches present in the particular instance of Network Insight

NSX-T Logical Ports where NSX-T Logical Switch = 'DB-Switch'

Lists the NSX-T logical ports belonging to that particular NSX-T logical switch, DB-Switch.

VMs where NSX-T Security Group = 'Application-Group'


VMs where NSGroup = ‘Application-Group’

Lists all the VMs in that particular security group, Application-Group.

NSX-T Firewall Rule where Action='ALLOW'

Lists all the NSX-T Firewall Rules which have their action set as ALLOW.

NSX-T Firewall Rule where Destination Security Group = ‘CRM-Group’

Lists the firewall rules where the CRM-Group is the Destination Security Group. The results include both Direct Destination Security Groups and Indirect Destination Security Groups.

NSX-T Firewall Rule where Direct Destination Security Group = ‘CRM-Group’

Lists the firewall rules where the CRM-Group is the Destination Security Group. The results include only the Direct Destination Security Groups.

VMs where NSX-T Logical Port = ‘App_Port-Id-1’

Lists all the VMs which have that particular NSX-T Logical Port.