You can add Cisco ASA-X series as a data source in Network Insight.



  • Network Insight supports only routed mode.

  • Network Insight supports only Cisco ASA-X series.

  • Currently, Network Insight supports Cisco ASA operating system version 9.4.

  • Network Insight does not support the cluster deployment of Cisco ASA.

  • Network Insight does not support the high availability of Cisco ASA.

  • Network Insight does not support Cisco ASA if it is directly connected to the host. A topology that is similar to the following one is supported:


  1. In the Install and Suport page under Settings, click Accounts and Data Sources.
  2. Click Add new source.
  3. Select Routers & Switches.
  4. Select Cisco ASA.
  5. Provide the following information:
    Table 1.



    Collector(Proxy) VM

    Select the proxy VM from the drop-down menu.

    IP Address/FQDN

    Enter the IP Address or the FQDN details.


    Enter the user name you want to use for this data source.


    Enter the password. Ensure that you enter the same password as the one that you used for the enable mode of Cisco ASA.

  6. After entering the information in the text boxes, click Validate.