Network Insight currently supports post R80 version of the Check Point firewall.

You can perform a query for all the Checkpoint entities that are supported by vRealize Network Insight. All the entities are prefixed by Check Point. Some of the queries for Checkpoint are as follows:

Table 1.

Entities in Check Point




Check Point Address Range

Check Point Network

vm where Address Range = <>

vm where Address Range = <>

Check Point Address Range where Translated VM = <>


Check Point Network Group

Check Point Network Group where Translated VM = <>

vm where Network Group = <>

Service/ Service Group

Check Point Service

Check Point Service Group

Check point service where Port = <>

Check point service where protocol = <>

Access Layer

Check Point Access Layer

Check Point Policy where Access Layer = <>

Policy Package

Check Point Policy package

Check Point Policy where Policy Package = <>

Check Point Policy Package where Rule = <>


Check Point Policy

Check point policy where source ip = <> and Destination IP = <>

Rule where source ip = <> and Destination IP = <> (will display other rules- nsx, redirect along with check point policies in the system)

Gateways and Gateway Cluster

Check Point Gateway

Check Point Gateway Cluster

Check Point Gateway Cluster where Policy Package = <>

A sample Check Point Manager dashboard is shown as follows:

Also, in a VM-VM topology, you can see the Check Point Service VMs on a host to signify the Check Point rules applied on particular traffic.

You can view some system events related to the following scenarios for Check Point:

  • NSX fabric agent not found on the ESX for check point gateway.

  • Check point service vm not found.

  • Check point gateway sic status not communicating.

  • Discovery and update events for check point entities like address range, networks, policies, groups, policy package, service, service group, and so on.