vRealize Network Insight supports the single-click offline upgrade of the product from Release 3.7 to the future releases such as 3.7->3.8, 3.7->3.9, 3.8->3.9, and so on.

Ensure that the following disk space requirements are met before going ahead with the upgrade:

  • The following requirements are for both platform and proxy server:

    • /tmp - 6 GB

    • /home - 2 GB

  • /- 12 GB (Only for the Platform1 node)


    This requirement is only for the platform.


  1. Ensure that you have saved the update package to your local disk so that you can upload it on this page. Click Browse to select the file and click Upload.
  2. On the Install and Support page, under Software version, click Click here.
  3. After the upload is complete, a dialog box with the basic upgrade instructions appears before the upgrade begins. To proceed further, click Install Now.
  4. Once the upgrade process begins, a pop-up window appears. This pop-up window provides the status of each node.
    • Ensure that all the nodes are online before beginning the upgrade. If any node is inactive before the upgrade begins, the upgrade is not triggered.

    • Once the upgrade begins, if a node becomes inactive, the upgrade process does not continue. The upgrade will not resume until the node becomes active again.

    • Until the upload of the package happens, the user should take care that the session is not closed. If the session ends, the user has to restart the upload process.

    • The Platform 1 becomes the upgrade server here. If Platform1 is offline, then no other node is upgraded.

  5. Upon the completion of upgrade process, all platforms and the collectors nodes are upgraded.