Whenever there is a new version of vRealize Network Insight available, you receive a notification.


Ensure that the following disk space requirements are met before going ahead with the upgrade:

  • The following requirements are for both platform and proxy server:

    • /tmp - 6 GB

    • /home - 2 GB

  • /- 6 GB (Only for the Platform1 node)


    This requirement is only for the platform.

If the bandwidth is insufficient to download the upgrade bundle from the server, then the upgrade fails. The minimum bandwidth required is 500 KB/s. The Install and the Support page throws an error if the download bandwidth check fails.


The download bandwidth check is not applicable when upgrading from 3.8 to 3.9. But from 3.9 to all future upgrades this will be applicable.


  1. To enable online upgrade, you have to contact the VMware support. Verify the upgraded version from the product UI under Settings page to be one that is mentioned in the update.
    • If the update notification is not available, verify that both vRealize Network Insight Platform and Proxy VMs have connectivity to svc.ni.vmware.com on port 443 and reg.ni.vmware.com on port 443 by running the show-connectivity-status command. If this connectivity requires http proxy, configure it on each VM using the set-web-proxy command. Ensure that the output contains upgrade connectivity status as Passed.

    • File a support ticket and provide the service tag from the product UI. The service tag is shown under Settings.

    • Provide a screenshot of the show-connectivity-status command output from each vRealize Network Insight Platform and Proxy VMs.

  2. Check if the update notification is available on the Install and Support page under Settings.
  3. Click View details to view details of update.
  4. Click Install Now on the details page to download and upgrade the vRealize Network Insight deployment.
    • Ensure that all the nodes are online before beginning the upgrade. If any node is inactive before the upgrade begins, you will not be allowed to trigger the upgrade.

    • Once the upgrade begins, if a node becomes inactive, the upgrade process does not continue. The upgrade will not resume until the node becomes active again.

    • The Platform1 becomes the upgrade server here. If Platform1 is offline, then no other node is upgraded.