Can a proxy or a collector VM be clustered?

No. Clustering for collector/proxy VMs is not supported.

Does vRealize Network Insight need a load balancer like vRealize Log Insight?

vRealize Network Insight clustering is a scale-out solution and not an HA solution. If the primary platform VM/master node fails, then the whole service becomes unavailable.

What happens if connection between remote proxy & platform goes down?

In case connection between Platform and Proxy VM is down, Proxy VM will store data locally (depending on the diskspace) and will send it whenever it is connected again.

Is vRealize Log Insight integrated with vRealize Network Insight?

Yes, vRealize Log Insight has been integrated with vRealize Network Insight 3.4. The alerts are sent to syslog which can be vRealize Log Insight.

What happens if a node reboots?

If a node reboots, it automatically joins the cluster and continues to be operational. If it is the primary node, then there is a complete loss of service during the time it was down.

How to change IP of any platform node or proxy in a cluster?

In a N node cluster you can change IP of any platform node using the change-network-settings CLI. You need to reflect new IP on all other platform nodes in a cluster using update-IP-change CLI. It must be done using VM console session as the appliance reboots in the end.


If platform1 (primary platform from where clustering action was triggered) IP is changed you also need to reflect new IP on all proxies using vrni-proxy CLI.

For example consider a 3-Node cluster:

  • Use case 1: Only the platform2 IP is changed

    1. Run change-network-settings on platform2 to change its IP.

    2. Run update-IP-change on platform1 and platform3 to reflect new platform2 IP

  • Use case 2: Only the platform1 IP is changed

    1. Run change-network-settings on platform1 to change its IP.

    2. Run update-IP-change on platform2 and platform3 to reflect new platform1 IP

    3. Run vrni-proxy on all proxies to reflect new platform1 IP

  • Use case 3: The platform1 and proxyX IP are changed

    1. Run all steps mentioned in Use case 2.

    2. Run change-network-settings on proxyX to change its IP. Refer to the CLI guide for more details on each command.

How much disk space is needed on platform1?

Platform1 requires more disk space compared to other nodes in cluster as some of the configuration data is stored on Platform1 only.

What happens if any of the node ran out of disk space?

The UI starts showing error messages when disk space on any particular platform node reaches a certain threshold. Add more disk space to the platform node by logging in to


How many times data is replicated in cluster?

The data replication mechanism is depending on the components present in the platform node.