The cluster expansion feature enables you to add the platform nodes to any existing old and new cluster without incurring any data loss.


Ensure that you take a backup of all the Platform nodes before you create clusters. Refer to the VMware best practices to take the backup of virtual machines (like VMware VDP using VADP). Restore the Platform nodes from the backup if there is an unrecoverable error.

For example, if you have an existing cluster with three nodes, you can add 4 more nodes to it without any data loss.


  1. On the Install and Support page, click Expand Cluster for Platform VMs.
  2. The IP addresses of the VMs that are part of the cluster already are listed on the Expand Cluster page. To add one or more nodes to the existing cluster, provide the IP address of the node and the support user password.
    • Currently, vRealize Network Insight supports 10 nodes in an existing cluster. Once the limit is reached, the Add more button is disabled.
    • Ensure that all the new nodes are non-provisioned and are reachable through SSH.
    • Ensure that you have taken a backup of the existing platform VMs before you go ahead with the cluster expansion.
  3. Click Submit.
    The step-by-step progress is displayed.
  4. Once the cluster expansion link is completed, a message indicating success is displayed.
    While the cluster expansion is in progress, the application cannot be used for any other operation.