With Master AWS Account, you can automatically add all the Linked AWS Accounts in your organization in the vRealize Network Insight. .



  1. Log in to vRealize Network Insight.
  2. Go to Settings > Accounts and Data Sources > Add Source.
  3. Under the Public Clouds section, click Amazon Web Services .
  4. Select the Collector (Proxy) VM.
  5. Enter your Amazon Access Key ID and corresponding Secret Access Key.
    Note: Your Amazon Access Key ID is a 20-digit string with a corresponding Secret Access Key that you create in the AWS console. For more details, see http://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/managing-aws-access-keys.html .
    This process takes around 15–20 minutes for adding and displaying your account data .
  6. Click Validate.

    If the number of VMs discovered exceeds the capacity of the platform or a proxy node or both, the validation fails. You will not be allowed to add a data source until you increase the brick size of the platform or create a cluster.

    The specified capacity for each brick size with and without flows is as follows:
    Brick Size VMs State of Flows
    Large 6k Enabled
    Large 10k Disabled
    Medium 3k Enabled
    Medium 6k Disabled
  7. After you have validated your AWS account, select the Add Linked Accounts Automatically (Only for Master Account) check box .
  8. In Role ARN, enter the Role ARN of the Linked AWS account to trust the Master AWS Account .
    For information on Role ARN, see Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) and AWS Service Namespaces .
  9. Enter Nickname and Notes (if any) for the data source .
  10. Click Submit.
    vRealize Network Insight validates Role ARN and adds the account . If the validation fails, the system prompts you for confirmation.