Privileges Required for Data Sources

  • Privileges required to configure and use IPFIX
    • vCenter Server Credentials with privileges:
      • Distributed Switch: Modify
      • dvPort group: Modify
    • The predefined roles in the vCenter server must have the following privileges assigned at root level that need to be propagated to the children roles:
      • System.Anonymous
      • System.Read
      • System.View
      • global.settings
      To know more about roles in vCenter, see Using Roles to Assign Privileges section in vSphere Security guide.
  • Privileges required for NSX Manager Data Provider
    • NSX Manager Data Provider requires the Enterprise role.
    • If Central CLI is enabled, then the system admin credentials are required for NSX Manager Data Provider.
  • User privileges required on Cisco switches for metrics collection
    • vRealize Network Insight is capable of collecting metric data via SNMP as well as configuration via SSH from Cisco Switches. Cisco Switches UCS platform requires the use of both SSH and API for collection.
      Table 1.
      Type of data User Privileges
      Configuration Data Read-Only
      Metric Data SNMP read-only
      SNMPv2 read-only SNMP community
      SNMPv3 read-only