Consider the CLI upgrade only if both online upgrade or single-click offline upgrade does not work. You must upgrade Platform VMs before Collector VMs. However, you must contact VMware Support before initiating Offline Upgrade using CLI.

In a cluster environment, you must perform the upgrade operation only from Platform 1 (P1) node and the other Platform nodes in the cluster get upgraded automatically. But you must upgrade each Collector individually.


  • The upgrade steps might fail if there is insufficient space in the /tmp directory. Verify you meet the following disk space requirements for platform and collector server:
    • /tmp - 6 GB
    • /home - 2 GB
    • /var - 40 GB
  • Ensure that all the nodes are online. If any node is inactive, you will not be allowed to trigger the upgrade.
  • Take the snapshots of the VMs.
  • Note the following values to verify after migration:
    • Count of VMs
    • VM where Snapshot Count > 0
    • Count of Firewall Rule
    • Count of Security Group
    • Count of NSX Firewall


  1. Download the required upgrade bundle file from My VMware.
  2. Check and ensure that the MD5SUM value of the downloaded bundle matches the MD5SUM value specified in the VMware website.
  3. Copy the upgrade bundle to vRealize Network Insight Platform 1 VM and all Collector VMs.
    • To copy the file from Linux VM to vRealize Network Insight VM, run command scp <filename>.upgrade.bundle consoleuser@<IP_Address_vRNI_VM>:~/.
    • To copy the file from Windows VM to vRealize Network Insight VM, run command pscp -scp <SOURCE_PATH>\<filename>.upgrade.bundle consoleuser@<IP_Address_vRNI_VM>:~/.
  4. Log in to the vRealize Network Insight Platform 1 through CLI using consoleuser and run the following commands:
    • package-installer copy --host localhost --user consoleuser --path /home/consoleuser/<filename>.upgrade.bundle
    • package-installer upgrade --name <filename>.upgrade.bundle
    Note: You must perform the Platform upgrade first then start the Collector update.
  5. Run the package-installer upgrade command again after the setup is rebooted as part of OS upgrade.
    Important: If you get an SSH session timeout error, you must check /var/log/arkin/centralized_upgrade.log to know if the reboot has already happened. If the reboot is successful, you must run the package-installer upgrade command again.
  6. Log in to each Collector node through CLI and perform the upgrade using the same commands used for platform upgrade.
    Note: You can upgrade all the Collectors simultaneously.
  7. Verify the upgraded version using the show-version command.