You must set up the vRealize Network Insight collector to collect data from VMware Cloud (VMC).


Deploy a vRealize Network Insight collector within every SDDC that needs to be added as a data source.
  • Using a vRealize Network Insight collector deployed in one VMware Cloud (VMC) SDDC to collect data from another VMware Cloud (VMC) SDDC is not supported.
  • You must deploy the vRealize Network Insight collector on a native VMware Cloud (VMC) segment. Deploying a collector on extended segments is not supported.


  1. Log in to vRealize Network Insight.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Install and Support > Add Collector VM.
  3. Copy the contents of the shared secret.

    You will require this during the deployment of vRealize Network Insight Collector OVA.

  4. Deploy the vRealize Network Insight Collector OVA in the Compute Resource Pool of the VMware Cloud (VMC) vCenter.
    Use the shared secret that you have generated.
    Note: For a single node SDDC in VMware Cloud (VMC), CPU resource reservation for the proxy VM must be at least 1251 MHz.
  5. Start the collector VM and follow the wizard to pair the collector with the vRealize Network Insight platform.
  6. Validate that the collector pairs successfully with the platform.