How do I Create a Support Bundle?

Refer to the support-bundle section in the vRealize Network Insight Command Line Reference Guide.

How to Create read only Admin Role in Palo Alto Networks Panorama for XML API access?

To add an Admin role for XML API access:
  1. Select Panorama Admin Roles
  2. Click Add to add a new Admin Role to open Admin Role Profile dialog box
  3. In Admin Role Profile dialog box
    1. Give a name to the role (for example, api-only-admin)
    2. Select the Role as Panorama
    3. Disable all entries in the Web UI tab
    4. Enable all entries except Commit in the XML API tab
    5. Click OK to close the dialog box, a new Admin Role appears in the list with the name
    6. Click Commit to commit the changes to Panorama
  4. Assign this Admin role to an administrative account.

When is a service considered shared?

The following ports are configured as shared:
Protocol Port
DNS 53
Bootpc 68
Kerberos 110
sunrpc 111
NTP 123
map 143
Imap3 220
LDAP 389
IGMPv3Lite 465
syslog 514
Submission 587
syslog-conn 601
POP3S 995
NFS 2049
MSFT-GC 3268

I see an event/error on Data Source as "The data source identity information such as a certificate or the key has changed." What does it mean?

vRealize Network Insight has received a new certificate from a data source which is not the same as stored in the product. vRealize Network Insight auto accepts the certificate presented by data sources. During the process, you get an event on the data sources where you can download old and new certificates.

What is the limit for importing DNS records in vRealize Network Insight?

The limits for importing DNS records are:
  • Infobox DNS Data source: You can import 900K records from a single data source.
  • Manual DNS records import: You can import DNS records using multiple .csv or Bind files packaged as a zip file. There is no limit to the number of records that you can import, however there are upload limits as follows:
    • Number of files in a single zip file – 25
    • Max size of single zip file – 10 MB.