You can upgrade your current vRealize Network Insight environment to the latest version.

Important points to consider before upgarde:

  • After upgrade, vRealize Network Insight takes around 12 to 24 hours to process the data that were in pipeline during the upgrade operation and reflect on the UI.
  • vRealize Network Insight does not support rollback or product downgrade. You must take a backup before you proceed to upgrade. For more information about the back up and restore process, see the KB article.
  • In a cluster environment, you must perform the upgrade operation only on the platform 1 node.
  • After upgrading to vRealize Network Insight 5.1, some of the firewall rule IDs might change to the new IDs returned by the VMware Cloud on AWS 1.9 API. If any VMware Cloud on AWS 1.8 firewall rules that are attached to the flows exists:
    • the correct or respective VMware Cloud on AWS 1.9 firewall rules would be attached immediately after upgrade for all active flows.
    • the firewall rules would refer to non-existent rules for the flows whose period of inactivity is greater than 24 hours prior to upgrading 1.8 to 1.9 version.
Note: If issues such as upload failure or UI failure come up while performing the centralized upgrade, contact VMware support.

Migration to Foundation DB

To distribute configuration data across datastores in the cluster, vRealize Network Insight 5.1 replaces PostgreSQL to Foundation DB for storing the configuration data. This enables vRealize Network Insight to:
  • reduce the load on platform 1 node
  • avoid single point of failure
  • improve resiliency
  • enhance performance
  • share the disk uniformly across cluster nodes
The migration process automatically,
  • shuts down all services
  • starts table to table migration from PostgreSQL to Foundation DB
  • displays the dynamic migration progress information on the platform 1 UI

The migration time to move data from PostgreSQL to Foundation DB depends on the disk speed and the node count (more nodes provides more Foundation DB write throughput)

The time taken to complete the migration process depends on the size of the database.
Setup Size Data Size Node Count Typical Migration Time
Small 20GB to 40GB 1 node 1 to 2 hours
Medium 60GB to 100GB 3 nodes 7 to 10 hours
Large One cloud setups 500GB 10 nodes cluster 15 to 20 hours​
XL (Megatron) 1 TB 10 node cluster 35 to 40 hours​

Note that the migration happens as a part of vRealize Network Insight upgrade process. So, the upgrade time might be longer, which you see on the screen during the process.

vRealize Network Insight provides the different modes of upgrade.