You can use the VM page to get a detailed overview of your VMs available in vRealize Network Insight.

In the VM page, you see the following sections:
Section Details

You see,

  • VM details.
  • topology information.
  • various configuration parameters.
  • security-related parameters.
  • VM to Internet path.
Neighbors You see,
  • the graphical view of various metric properties in comparison with the neighbor VMs
  • the list of VMs belongs to the same host.
Alerts You see the list of alerts related to the selected VM.
Flows You see the list of flows which are either originated or trying to reach the selected VM for which firewall action is allowed and denied. Also, you see list of the flows that are originated or trying to reach a VM with App-Id info.
Metrics You see,
  • the metrics information related to the selected VM.
  • information about the network usage of ports in the path to ToR.
  • information about all the metrics properties.
  • Input - output metrics information.
  • the virtual disk space.
  • the datastore performance
    Note: You cannot see the datastore metrics of a VM if it is hosted on vSAN datastore.
  • the latency metric collection details.
    Note: To see virtual infrastructure latency, the port 1991 must be open on the collector to receive latency data from the ESXi host.