You can use the VMC SDDC page to get an overview of your VMC on AWS SDDC in vRealize Network Insight.

How to access the VMC SDDC page?

To access this page, search for VMC SDDC and in the search result list, select an entity you want to view.


In the VMC SDDC page, you see:
Section Details
Overview You see an overview of your NSX Entities and the count of Direct Connect Interface (VIFs) present within SDDC.

You see entities in last 24 hours, Top flows by rule which also shows the firewall manager responsible for the firewall rule, list of routers, and properties details.

Microsegmentation You see the graphical representation of flows between entities.
Network Traffic and alerts You see an overview of the network traffic and the list of all alerts associated with the SDDC entities discovered by vRealize Network Insight alerts.
Top Talkers You can see the top talking entities in VMC SDDC.

You see the Tier0 Router interface metrics, such as Rx Total Bytes, Rx Total Packets, Rx Dropped Packets, Tx Total Bytes, Tx Total Packets and Tx Dropped Packets for Public, Cross-VPC, and Direct Connect interfaces.