vRealize Network Insight enables you to create and export the information on the PCI Compliance dashboard as a PDF report.


  1. In the PCI Compliance dashboard, click Export as PDF on the right top side of the page. The Export to PDF window appears.
  2. The Export to PDF window lists all the widgets and their respective properties available on the PCI Compliance dashboard. Select the widgets and the properties that you want to export.
    • You have to select at least one property.
    • The maximum number of properties that you can select is 20.
    • The maximum number of entries in the list view that can be exported is 100.
    • Certain widgets do not allow you to select the properties. In such instances, specify only the number of entries.
  3. Provide a title for the PDF report.
    • The maximum number of characters in the title is 200.
    • The maximum number of pages that can be generated in the report are 50.
  4. Click Preview. You can see the preview of the complete report.
  5. Click Export PDF.