To enable IPFIX information at VMware vCenter level:


  1. Select the Enable NetFlow (IPFIX) on this vCenter check box when you are adding VMware vCenter in vRealize Network Insight.
    You see list of all the available VDS.
  2. Select the VDS for which you want to enable IPFIX from the list of available VDS in VMware vCenter.
  3. A notification icon is displayed for the VDS where one of the hosts has unsupported version of ESXi. If vRealize Network Insight has detected that IPFIX is already configured for a VDS with some other IP address apart from vRealize Network Insight collector VM, then it displays the Override button. Click Override to view the list of DVPGs under that VDS.
  4. The list of available DVPGs for the selected VDS is displayed. All the DVPGs are selected by default. Turn Manual Selection on to select specific DVPGs for which you want to enable IPFIX. Select the desired DVPGs and click Submit.
    Note: The DVPG with a notification icon denotes that it is the uplink DVPG and it has to be selected.