In vRealize Network Insight, you can view various alert definitions and list of alerts related to the alert definitions.

vRealize Network Insight has the following types of alert definitions:

  • Problems: Logical or physical problems detected by vRealize Network Insight in the environment. A problem can be something involving any entity, property, or metric. For example, a router interface failing or percent of packet drops of an interface crossing a certain threshold can be detected as a problem.
  • Changes: Changes that are detected by vRealize Network Insight in the environment for an entity, or properties and metrics of an entity. Create, update, and delete qualifies as a change.
  • Others: Alerts that are generated by external data sources, and not defined by vRealize Network Insight. For example, NSX-T alerts, Kubernetes alerts, and so on.

To view the alert definitions, on the Settings page, click Alerts and Notification > Alert Definitions.

All the alert definitions of type Problem are displayed in the Problems tab.
Note: All the alerts of type Problem are also logged into syslog.

All the alert definitions of type Changes are displayed in the Changes tab.

All the alert definitions of type Others are displayed in the Others tab.

When you point the mouse on each alert, you can see the name, the description, alert tags for that alert.

You can perform the following tasks on the alerts:
  • Edit an alert
  • Deactivate an alert.
  • Perform bulk edit, enable, and deactivate