You can add an AWS data source in vRealize Network Insight.



  1. Go to Settings > Accounts and Data Sources.
  2. Click Add Source.
  3. Under Public Clouds, select Amazon Web Services.
  4. Select the Collector VM.
  5. Enter your Amazon Access Key ID and corresponding Secret Access Key.
    Note: Your Amazon Access Key ID is a 20-digit string with a corresponding Secret Access Key. For more details, see
    Note: To add AWS Gov Cloud Region as a data source, create an AWS IAM user by using the recommended policy in the AWS account with access to the Gov Cloud region. Use the Access key and the Secret key for the newly created account to add the data source to vRealize Network Insight.
    This process takes around 15–20 minutes for adding and displaying your account data.
  6. From the Web Proxy (Optional) drop-down menu, select a web proxy.
    Note: The Web Proxy (Optional) is visible only if you have configured a web proxy in vRealize Network Insight.
  7. Click Validate.

    If the number of VMs discovered exceeds the capacity of the platform or a collector node or both, the validation fails. You will not be allowed to add a data source until you increase the brick size of the platform or create a cluster.

    The specified capacity for each brick size with and without flows is as follows:
    Brick Size VMs State of Flows
    Large 6k Enabled
    Large 10k Deactivated
    Medium 3k Enabled
    Medium 6k Deactivated
  8. After you have validated your AWS account, you can select Enable Flow data collection(Highly Recommended) to get deeper insights.
  9. (Optional) In the Nickname text box, enter a nickname.
  10. (Optional) In the Notes text box, add a note if necessary.
  11. Click Submit.