In vRealize Network Insight, you can view the health status of your system. The health of your system is determined by process lag, indexer lag, and grid usage.

If all these parameters are in the green state, your system health is good. If any one of these three parameters is in the red state, your system health is bad. The overall health indicator displays the number of irregularities, with a Red light. The individual irregularities are listed with their details, when the number of problems against overall health, is clicked on. In case of normal functioning, the health indicator shines a Green light. The Health indicator turns red if any of the following malfunctioning events occur:
  • If the collector stops collecting flow data
  • If platform stops processing data due to some reason; for example, insufficient disk space
  • If search indexer lags behind, resulting in outdated search result
    Note: vRealize Network Insight might not detect an out-of-sync system clock sometimes. If the clock is not in sync with NTP, some services may become unhealthy or stop working.


  • On the Settings page, click Infrastructure and Support > Infrastructure and Updates.
    The health of your system is displayed in the System Health section.
    Note: If your system health is in the bad state for more than six hours, you must contact the vRealize Network Insight support.