You can upgrade your current vRealize Network Insight environment to the latest version by following the correct upgrade path.

Important points to consider while upgrading:

  • Ensure that you are following the upgrade path. To know about the correct upgrade path, see VMware Product Interoperability Matrix - Upgrade Path.
  • After upgrade, vRealize Network Insight takes from 12 through 24 hours to process the data that was in pipeline during the upgrade operation and reflect it on the UI.
  • vRealize Network Insight does not support rollback or product downgrade.
  • You must take a backup before you proceed to upgrade. For more information about the back up and restore process, see the KB article.
  • In a cluster environment, you must perform the upgrade operation only on the platform 1 node.
Note: If the upload failure or the UI failure issue occurs while performing the centralized upgrade, contact VMware support.