If the disk utilization is high for a platform or a collector, vRealize Network Insight triggers an alert to warn the user to manage the disk space. vRealize Network Insight also provides a recommendation of how much more disk space needs to be added.

To view alerts related to disk utilization, navigate to the platform dashboard or the collector dashboard. You can also view these alerts in the corresponding collector or the platform section in the Infrastructure and Support > Infrastructure and Updates page.

To add a hard disk to a node, perform the following steps:
Note: Do not expand the existing hard disk.


  1. Log in to VMware vCenter through the Web client with sufficient privileges.
  2. Right-click the node and select Edit settings.
  3. Add the hard disk as per recommendations provided in the alert.
    vRealize Network Insight takes a few minutes to detect the appliance and add it to the /var partition.