You can create clusters from the Settings > Infrastructure and Support > Infrastructure and Updates page.


At least two additional platforms are required. The additional platform VMs should be deployed and powered on.

To create cluster

  1. Click CREATE CLUSTER for Platform VMs.
  2. On the Create Cluster page, enter the following information:
    • IP Address: Enter the IP address of the new platform that you want to add. vRealize Network Insight supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
    • Password: Enter the support user password of the platform VM. If you have not changed the password yet, then refer the Default Login Credentials section in vRealize Network Insight Installation Guide for the password.
  3. To keep adding more platforms, click Add more and enter the IP address and the support user password.

  4. Click SUBMIT. Click Yes.
  5. After creating a cluster, the user needs to log in to the product again.
  • The CREATE CLUSTER option is enabled only when the platform is of large brick size. All platforms should be of large brick to create cluster.
  • Enabling telemetry on a single node enables it on all the nodes.
  • To expand clusters, refer the Expanding a Cluster section in the vRealize Network Insight Installation Guide.