This reference includes examples for the syntax information for the secure-tunnel command.

To prevent unwanted cyberattack on the insecure inter-platform communication, vRealize Network Insight provides option to secure the inter-platform communication using IPsec based VPN.

When you enable the secure communication, each platform nodes gets an internal IP addressed assigned from a /24 subnet. By default, vRealize Network Insight uses subnet. You can change the default value of subnet when enabling the secure communication. The subnet must not conflict with any other IP address used for configuring vRealize Network Insight. For example, you must not use IPs from /24 subnet as an SNMP or an SMTP host configured in vRealize Network Insight.
Note: After you enable the secure communication, you cannot change the subnet. To change the subnet again, you must disable the secure communication and enable it again.
Note: Enabling the secure communication operation can take 15 minutes or more depending size of the cluster. To avoid session time out, you must use the VM console through VMware vCenter UI to run this command.
Command Description Use Examples
secure-tunnel Enable, disable, check status, assign subnet of secure tunnel secure-tunnel {-e,-d,-s, -sub SUBNET}

secure-tunnel -e -sub

secure-tunnel -d

secure-tunnel -s


Flag Description
-e | -d |-s Enable secure tunnel, disable secure tunnel, or check status of the secure tunnel
-sub <SUBNET> /24 subnet address to use as internal IPs of platforms