This reference includes examples for the syntax information for the flow-sync command.

Command Description
flow-sync Sync flows from one vRealize Network Insight collector to another vRealize Network Insight collector.
Note: You must start the receiver first and then run sync on the sender side.
Table 1. Syntax
Flag Description
status Shows flow sync status.
stop Stops sending flows to an vRealize Network Insight collector or receiving flows from an vRealize Network Insight collector.
start Starts sending/receiving flows to/form a vRealize Network Insight collector.
logs Shows flow logs.
Table 2. Example
flow-sync start receiver --sender-ip=<IP Address>

For example: flow-sync start receiver --sender-ip=

flow-sync start sender --secret <secret code>

For example: flow-sync start sender --secret MTAuNzkuNDEuMTY1OjE.....EtFWS0tLS0t

flow-sync status
flow-sync stop
flow-sync logs