This reference includes examples for syntax information for the tool-manager command.

Command Description

Helps to run the tool

Table 1. Usage
Command Description
tool-manager copy scp --host <IP> --user <username> --path <tool bundle file absolute path>

Copy the tool bundle to vRealize Network Insight Platform/collector

tool-manager run --name <tool name>

Run the tool

tool-manager run [-h] --name <tool name>
tool-manager copy url
Table 2. Example
tool-manager copy scp --host --user ubuntu --path /home/ubuntu/patch-online-upgrade-3.0.0_201609151002.bundle
tool-manager run --name patch-online-upgrade-3.0.0_201609151002

tool-manager copy url


Flag Description

IP address, where upgrade bundle is downloaded from VMware download portal. Upgrade bundle should be downloaded on any Linux machine from where the bundle can be scp to vRealize Network Insight platform or collector.


User, who can be used to authenticate the Linux machine.


Source path where the bundle is downloaded from VMware portal on Linux Machine.


(Optional) - In case ssh port on Linux machine running other than port 22.