This reference includes examples for the syntax information for the log-insight command.

Table 1. Command
Command Description
log-insight Configures and pushes various logs to the Log Insight server.
Table 2. Syntax
Flag Description
show Shows the configured Log Insight agent and status
set --ip-fqdn <IP> --port <PORT> --tags <"KEY=VALUE"> Configures/resets and enables the Log Insight agent.

Mandatory flag: --ip-fqdn

Optional flag: --port <PORT> --tags <"KEY=VALUE">

If you do not specify port and tags values, then defaults values are selected. Default port value is 9543.

enable Starts the Log Insight agent.
disable Stops the Log Insight agent.
diagnose -n <NUMBERS OF LINES> Displays Log Insight agent logs.
Table 3. Example
Usage Examples

log-insight set --ip-fqdn=<IP> --port =<PORT> --tags <"KEY=VALUE">


log-insight set --ip-fqdn <IP> --port <PORT> --tags <"KEY=VALUE">

log-insight set --ip-fqdn= --port=8080 --tags="type=onPrem,domain=us"


log-insight set --ip-fqdn -–port 8080 –tags "type=onPrem,domain=us"

log-insight show log-insight show
log-insight enable log-insight enable
log-insight disable log-insight disable
log-insight diagnose -n <NUMBERS OF LINES> log-insight diagnose --n 50