This reference includes examples for the backup-restore command.

For more information about backup and restore and how to run the process, see the User Guide.

Command Description Usage Examples
  • Configures backup
  • Updates Configured backup
  • Fetches existing backup configuration
  • Deletes existing backup configuration
  • Displays backup Status
  • Displays usage details of the backup command
backup-restore backup --action {add|update|get|delete|status|help}
  • backup-restore backup --action add --path config-file-path
  • backup-restore backup --action update --path config-file-path
  • backup-restore backup --action get
  • backup-restore backup --action delete
  • backup-restore backup --action status
  • backup-restore backup --action help
  • Configures restore
  • Fetches existing restore configuration
  • Deletes existing restore configuration
  • Displays restore Status
  • Displays usage details of the restore command
backup-restore restore --action {add|get|delete|status|help}
  • backup-restore restore --action add --path config-file-path
  • backup-restore restore --action get
  • backup-restore restore --action delete
  • backup-restore restore --action status
  • backup-restore restore --action help