This reference includes examples for the syntax information for the vrni-proxy command.

Command Description
vrni-proxy Checks the current pairing status with Platform or updates Platform's IP/FQDN if it is changed.
Note: You cannot point an existing Collector to a new Platform.
Table 1. Syntax
Flag Description
set-platform Resets updated Platform IP/FQDN.
platform-pair-status Shows Platform and Collector pairing status.
Table 2. Example
Command Sample Query
For ONPREM: vrni-proxy set-platform --ip-or-fqdn <IP address> vrni-proxy set-platform --ip-or-fqdn
For SaaS: vrni-proxy set-platform --ip-or-fqdn <FQDN> vrni-proxy set-platform --ip-or-fqdn
vrni-proxy platform-pair-status vrni-proxy platform-pair-status