This reference includes examples for syntax information for the offline-registration command.

Command Description Usage Examples
offline-registration It is used in the following conditions:
  1. VMware support asks for remote secure support tunnel to this environment or the online upgrade is requested.
  2. There is no internet connection from the appliance or the selective endpoints are open in an external firewall.

It generates the offline registration request which is required for and connectivity. For more details on these endpoints and services, refer to "Which services of vRealize Network Insight need Internet access and why?" in vRealize Network Insight FAQs.

offline-registration apply-response "response-text-from-support"


Flag Description
positional arguments:

{generate-request,apply-response} sub-command help


generate-request: Generates an encrypted request to be sent to VMware support.

apply-response: Apply the encrypted response from the VMware support.

response: Response string provided by the VMware support.

optional arguments: -h, --help Show this help message and exit.