You can analyze the flows by selecting scope and segment them accordingly based on entities such as VLAN/VXLAN, Security Groups, Application, Tier, Folder, Subnet, Cluster, virtual machine (VM), Port, Security Tag, Security Group, and IPSet.

The micro-segmentation page provides the analysis details with the topology diagram. This page consists of the following sections:
  • Micro-Segments: This widget provides the diagram for topology planning. You can select the type of group and flows. Based on your inputs, you can view the corresponding topology planning diagram.
  • Traffic Distribution: This widget provides the details of the traffic distribution in bytes.
  • Top Ports by Bytes: This widget lists the top 100 ports that record the highest traffic. The metrics for the flow count and the flow volume are provided. You can view the flows for a particular port by clicking the count of flows corresponding to that port.
To access the micro-segmentation page:


  1. In the left navigation panel, click Security > Plan Security.
  2. Select the scope, subscope, and the duration for which you want to plan and analyze. Click Analyze.
    The micro-segmentation page appears.
    Note: The micro-segmentation wheel view can show upto 600 nodes and 6000 edges. If the limit exceeds, you see the Too many micro-segments to analyse. Please select a different entity or micro-segmentation criteria error.