You can use the Kubernetes dashboard to get a quick overview of your Kubernetes or Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition deployments in vRealize Network Insight.

You see details about,
  • Top talking Clusters and Namespaces based on the flows
  • Overview of Kubernetes cluster entities such as, count of Namespaces, Pods, services and Nodes
  • Kubernetes clusters added in vRealize Network Insight
  • List of containers images running on Pods and count of Pods for each container image
  • List of new pods discovered, its count, namespace and cluster details.
In addition, you can click on the count of various Kubernetes entities on the dashboard to the see the list view and go to details of that particular entity.
Table 1. Kubernetes Entity Dashboard
Dashboard Description
Cluster Dashboard You get the deployment details at the cluster level, which includes
  • cluster overview that includes count of namespaces, services, pods and nodes in the deployment.
  • the list of top namespaces based on flows.
  • Interaction between namespaces.
Namespace Dashboard You get the cluster namespace details such as,
  • the namespace overview that includes count of pods, services and nodes that are in that particular namespace.
  • the list of top talking services based on flows.
  • Service interactions in the namespace.
  • Network traffic by packets and bytes.
Service Dashboard You see the details of the Kubernetes services, like
  • the service overview that includes the count of:
    • open alerts in 24 hours
    • incoming & outgoing flows in 24 hours
    • pods
    • nodes on which the service is deployed.
  • connectivity between the kubernetes components and NSX-T.
  • count of active nodes and pods for a specific period.
  • service interaction in the namespace.
  • network traffic by packets and bytes.
Pods Dashboard You see the details such as,
  • the cluster, namespace, and node that the pod belongs
  • Network traffic between pods based on packets and bytes
Nodes Dashboard You see details such as,
  • list of namespaces details
  • list of services
  • list of container pods
  • Network traffic between nodes based on packets and bytes
  • vRealize Network Insight collects Kubernetes cluster details from Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition every 10 minutes.
  • vRealize Network Insight collects all objects (Namespace, Node, Pod, Service) from Kubernetes cluster every 4 hours. However, if there is any change in the Kubernetes objects, vRealize Network Insight runs the Watch API and updates the changes immediately.
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition does not provide details about the Kubernetes primary nodes.
  • vRealize Network Insight provides the details of the clusters that are in successfully created state only.

Common Alerts or Error Messages

  • Data Source not reachable - Ping the IP/FQDN of the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition from the collector virtual machine to ensure Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition is reachable.
  • Kubernetes Cluster API Servers not reachable-Ensure that all the Kubernetes Cluster API Servers are reachable from the collector virtual machine.