You are not able to log in to vRealize Network Insight.


After several failed login attempts your account is locked, and you are not able to log in vRealize Network Insight user interface (UI).


After consecutive five failed login attempts, system gets locked for 15 minutes. After the account gets locked, for every additional failed login attempts the locking duration extends by 15 minutes. If you keep tying to login after the account gets locked, your account can get locked for maximum one day.


  • You can wait for lock time to get over or an Admin user can reset your password using either UI or command-line interface (CLI). After the password is reset, you can log in using the new password.
    An Admin can do one of the following to reset a password for a local user:
      1. In the UI, go to Settings > Identity & Access Management > User Management.
      2. Under the Local Users tab, click the Edit button next to the user you want to reset, and click Reset Password and assign a new password.
    • In the CLI, use the modify-password ui --user <user login id> command to reset your password.


You can use the new password that you have received from the admin to log in to the vRealize Network Insight UI.