You can create a dashboard or pin any widget from any page on a dashboard to make it easier to access and share data. Using dashboards, you can organize and present information from multiple sources in one location, and in real time.


Pinboards are deprecated from vRealize Network Insight version 6.9. They are replaced with dashboards.

When you upgrade to vRealize Network Insight version 6.9, your existing pinboards are automatically migrated and saved as dashboards.

Currently, vRealize Network Insight doesn’t support dashboard backup and restore features. So, you cannot take backup of the dashboard data and restore the data in a new deployment.

Viewing All Dashboards

To view all dashboards in vRealize Network Insight, on the navigation pane, click Dashboard > All Dashboards.

You can edit, delete, share, or duplicate dashboards based on the access granted.

Note: If you are an admin user, the All Dashboards page displays two tabs:
  • The My Dashboards tab displays all the dashboards created by other users accessing the vRealize Network Insight instance.
  • The Admin View tab displays dashboards created by the administrator.
Note: It takes some time for the dashboard to appear in the All Dashboards page after it is created.