You can use the SD-WAN Application and Edge SD-WAN Application page to get a quick overview of the SD-WAN application and Edge SD-WAN application in vRealize Network Insight.


In this page, you see the following sections:

Table 1. SD-WAN Application
Section Details
Overview You see:
  • A list of Edges, links, alerts, and flows.
Traffic Distribution You see:
  • Various traffic distribution details, such as traffic by Edge and traffic by client.
Metrics You see:
  • Various metrics, such as Edge traffic, Edge packet, link traffic, and link packets details.

You can also click the entities on this page to the see more detailed insight about the particular entity.

In addition to the SD-WAN Application page, you can see the following insight about the Edge SD-WAN Application:

  • A list of properties, alerts, and metrics.
    Note: vRealize Network Insight supports maximum 3 segments per VMware SD-WAN Edge and 10000 VMware SD-WAN Edges.