You can take a backup of the vRealize Network Insight data and restore data in a new deployment when the existing setup is unrecoverable. And also, you can replicate the setup configuration on multiple deployments.

Starting from the 6.0 release, vRealize Network Insight enables you to take a backup of the following data:
  • Configuration defined under Settings option on the UI
    • Online update status
    • CEIP status
    • Data manangement (retention interval)
    • IP Properties and Subnet configuration
    • Identity and Access management
    • Syslog configuration
    • Personally Identifiable Information status in Audit logs
    • Mail Server and SNMP configuration
    • System configurations like User Session Timeout, Certificate Validation, Google Maps API key.
    • User preferences like dark theme, dashboard auto refresh.
  • Datasources added to the setup, except for Physical Flow Collector (Netflow, sFlow).
  • Alerts which includes system alerts, user-defined alerts, platform health

You can store the backup on the local storage, which can store up to five latest backup files. And also you can upload the backup to SSH or FTP servers.

  • vRealize Network Insight takes a backup of the above mentioned configuration data only, and not the complete setup data, like flows or application information.
  • You can track any failure in the backup or restore process on the Infrastructure page (Settings > Infrastructure and Support > Overview and Updates > Infrastructure > Overall Health section ).
  • You can also configure an alert notification for the backup failure under Platform Health Alerts.