In vRealize Network Insight, you can define an alert through the search. Whenever you perform search, you get a option to create an alert based on your search result.

All the alerts created by users are categorized as Search-based alerts. Search-based alerts were previously know as user defined events.
Note: If you are an existing vRealize Network Insight user, and you have configured user-defined events in your vRealize Network Insight, then when you upgrade to vRealize Network Insight version 6.1, you see all your user-defined events under the Alert Definitions page. Based on the event type, you can find your events under either Problem or Change tab in the Alert Definitions page.


  1. Click The Define Alert icon located in upper-right corner on the search result window.
  2. In the Define Alert page, do the following:
    Option Action
    Name Enter a unique name for the alert.
    Search query Shows the search criteria for the alert.
    Generate alert when Select when you want to generate the alert.
    Definition type Select an alert type.
    Severity This field specifies the severity of the alert. You can set it to the following values:
    • Critical
    • Moderate
    • Warning
    • Info
  3. To configure how you want to send the notification, select Alert Notification check box and do the following:
    Option Action
    Email frequency Select how frequently you want to get the notifications.
    Email addresses Enter an email address when you want to get the notifications.
    SNMP trap destination Select trap destinations from the drop-down.

    You can select maximum four trap destinations.

  4. Click SUBMIT.