You can use the VMware Edge Device page to get an overview of your VMware edge devices available in vRealize Network Insight.

To access this page, search for Edge Device and in the search result list, click the entity you want to view.


In the VMware Edge Device page, you see:

Section Details
Overview You see:
  • A summary of your Edge devices, including the alert chart, byte, packets, flows, and session numbers.
  • List of NSX Edge properties, NSX Edge services, and NSX Edge appliance VMs.
  • The topology details.
Alert You see:
  • A list of various alerts details.
Flows You see:
  • Various flow analytics, such as total bytes flowing through NSX Edge, total packets passing through NSX Edge, total flows, and total sessions through NSX Edge.
Metrics You see:
  • Various metrics, such as CPU usage of NSX Edge appliance VMs, memory usage of NSX Edge appliance VMs, network usage of NSX Edge appliance VMs, and network usage per vNIC of NSX Edge.


In some rare case, you may get incorrect flow information in the VMware Edge Device page, if:
  • The IP of a VM is unknown to vRealize Network Insight.
  • Default gateway is configured incorrectly in a VM.
  • There are more than two edges hops for north-south flow from a VM.
  • The Edge is part of an ECMP (Equal Cost Multi Path routing) cluster.
  • The Edge is connected to an Universal logical distributed router.