You must add data sources into vRealize Network Insight to gather data of your data center.

To add a data source, go to Settings > Accounts and Data Sources > Add Source.

After adding a data source, you see the Accounts and Data Sources page where data sources are categorized based on the following options:

  • All: Displays all the available data sources.
  • With Problems: Displays the data sources where vRealize Network Insight has found one or more problems.
  • With Recommendations: Displays auto generated recommendations from vRealize Network Insight for the data sources that require additional information.

Each data source displays the following details:

Properties Description
Type Displays the type of data source.
Name Displays the name of the data source.
Identifier Displays IP address or FQDN details of data source.
Last Metric Collection Displays the time stamp of the last metric data collection.
Last Configuration Collection Displays the time stamp of the last configuration data collection.
Polling Interval Displays the polling interval that is defined for the data source.
Discovered Entities Displays the number of VMs that are discovered for that data source.
Note: The Discovered Entities column is populated only if the data source is VMware vCenter or AWS.
Flows Displays the count of flows for the data source.
Data Collection Indicates if the date collection on the data source is enabled or not.
Important: While adding a data source, do not add the same data source more than once using different IP addresses or FQDNs.

To select the columns that you want to view in the table, you can click the Manage Table Columns icon on the table header. You can view the details of maximum five columns at a time.

To edit or delete a data source, you can click the More Options icon next to the data source. For the data sources that support customizable polling interval, you can also use the Collect Now option to run the configuration data collection process.

vRealize Network Insight provides the following functions to enable easy access to the information of data sources.

  • You can search a data source by name, IP address, or by the collector VM name by using the search bar located above the column headers.
  • You can filter information by different data sources in the Type column.You can also filter data sources based on data collection in the Data Collection column.
  • You can sort information by clicking the sort icon on any column.

vRealize Network Insight enables you to add different types of VMware products and other third party data sources ranging from public cloud, containers, firewalls, routers and switches, and load balancers.