You can configure the Webhook serve in vRealize Log Insight.


  1. Log in to vRealize Log Insight and from the left pane, select Webhook under Alerts.
  2. On the Webhook page, click New Webhook to add a new webhook.
  3. Enter the required details.
    Name vRealize Network Insight Dropped Flow Alert
    Endpoint Custom
    Webhook URL Copied from vRNI add source page. For example, https://webhook_user:*****************@vrni-appliance/webhooks/loginsight/alert
    Content Type JSON
    Action Post
    Webhook Payload
    "AlertType": 1,
    "AlertName": "${AlertName}",
    "SearchPeriod": ${SearchPeriod},
    "HitOperator": ${NumHits},
    "messages": ${messages}
    Note: Ensure to add the Webhook payload exactly as given above.
  4. Update the /etc/hosts file to connect vRealize Network Insight with the Webhook server.
    Note: You must have the sudo/root permission to update the /etc/hosts file.
    For example,
    ssh [email protected]
    VMware vRealize Log Insight
    [email protected]'s password: 
    Last login: Tue Jun 14 03:31:14 UTC 2022 from on pts/0
    Last login: Tue Jun 14 09:15:08 2022 from
    root@vRLI-8 [ ~ ]# cat /etc/hosts
    # Begin /etc/hosts (network card version)
    # End /etc/hosts (network card version)
    # Generated by Studio VAMI service. Do not modify manually.   vRLI-8 localhost vrni-appliance
    ::1   vRLI-8 localhost ipv6-localhost ipv6-loopback
    root@vRLI-8 [ ~ ]#