The VMC on AWS Outposts SDDC page provides a detailed overview of an SDDC hosted within AWS facilities.

How to access the VMC on AWS Outposts SDDC page?

To access this page, do one of the following:

  • Search for VMC on AWS Outposts SDDC and in the search result list, select an SDDC you want to view.
  • Select VMC on AWS Outposts on the Environments widget of the homepage. From the list, select the SDDC you want to view.


In the VMC on AWS Outposts SDDC page, you see:

Section Details

You see the following information:

  • The number of entities within the SDDC which includes number of VMs, groups, firewall rules, and policy based VPNs.
  • Important configuration and runtime properties of the SDDC.
  • Entities discovered in the last 24 hours.
  • The top firewall rules based on flow traffic.
  • The top 25 VMs based on a selected metric and aggregate type.
Microsegmentation You see the graphical representation of flows between entities.
Network Traffic and alerts You see an overview of the network traffic and the list of alerts related to the SDDC.
Top Talkers You see the top talking VMs in the SDDC.

You see the following metrics:

  • Tier0 router interface metrics such as Rx Packets, Tx Packets, Dropped Rx Packets for public, cross-VPC, and direct connect interfaces.
  • Network utilization metrics.
    Note: The network utilization metric supports 20 seconds granularity and its retention interval is 48 hours.
  • Entity usage metrics on various distributed firewall rules.