The vRealize Network Insight System (NI System) page provides a snapshot of all the information related to the system. To access the vRealize Network Insight System page:
  • On the Install and Support page, click View Details next to Overview. The NI System page appears.
  • Provide NI-System as the search query to view the vRealize Network Insight System page.
The NI System page is divided into three sections:
  • Overview: This section consists of information on the key properties, the data sources, the problems that are open, and all the changes and the problems related to the system. View the details of each data source by clicking it.
  • Alerts: This section lists all the problems and changes in the system, data sources, platforms, and the collectors.
  • Platforms and Collectors: This section lists all the platforms and the collectors associated with the system. To view more details about any platform or collector, click it.