When you add a data source, or configure LDAP and VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) in vRealize Network Insight, all the certificates related to that data source, LDAP, or vIDM are validated. In vRealize Network Insight, you can configure how you want to validate and accept the certificates.

There are two ways you can configure certificate validation: Automatic Acceptance and Manual Acceptance. In Automatic Acceptance, system automatically accepts all the detected certificate changes, and in Manual Acceptance, system show you notification to accept the certificate manually.


  1. Go to Settings > System Configurations.
  2. From Security Certificate Validation drop-down menu, select one of the validation methods:
    • Automatic Acceptance
    • Manual Acceptance
  3. Click Save.
    Note: If you change the certificate validation method from Manual Acceptance to Automatic Acceptance, you must accept all the available certificate changes manually before you change the certificate validation method.

    If you change the Data Source Certificate Validation from Manual Acceptance to Automatic Acceptance without accepting the pending detected certificate changes, then you have to delete all the data source with pending certificate and add them again to get the insight about those data sources.