You can configure Login Banners in vRealize Network Insight to display any text, or you can require that the user click a check box, for example, to indicate that they accept terms and conditions. You can enable and deactivate the login banners, and you can require that users click an explicit consent check box.


  1. On the Settings page, click System Configuration.
  2. Click Edit in the Login Banners row and configure the login banners.
    Option Description
    Display Banners Click the toggle button to enable or deactivate login banners. You can change the other fields only if you enable this option.
    Login Message Banner In the Description box, enter the message that you want the users to see when they login to vRealize Network Insight.
    User Consent Form Enter the title and enter the content message you want to display. This requires that the users agree to the consent before logging in to vRealize Network Insight.
  3. Click Submit.
    The login banners are configured and displayed when a user logs in to vRealize Network Insight.