With vRealize Operations Manager, you can see the vRealize Network Insight Cloud alerts in vRealize Operations Manager. And also, you can see the network information in vRealize Operations Manager from vRealize Network Insight Cloud.

vRealize Operations Manager consumes a set of vRealize Network Insight Cloud APIs and displays lists of alerts on the Alerts Dashboard. You can identify the vRealize Network Insight Cloud alerts with the vrni- prefix in the alert names. In addition, you can see the entity on which the alert was triggered.

For the list of vRealize Network Insight Cloud APIs, see vRealize Network Insight API Guide.

You can use the Launch-in-vRNI-context option from the entity pages, such as VMs, Hosts, NSX-V, and NSX-T, you can view the dashboard of that particular entity. This enables you to see the network health and to debug a network issue.

For information about how to integrate vRealize Network Insight Cloud with vRealize Operations Manager, see the VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for vRealize Network Insight. For information about supported vRealize Operations Manager versions, see VMware Product Interoperability Matrix.

Note: You must add the vRealize Operations Manager user into vRealize Network Insight Cloud and provide at least Member privileges for the user to use this feature in vRealize Operations Manager.