When communicating with the vRealize Network Insight Cloud platform; the collector requires HTTPS port 443 to be open for outgoing traffic.

Following VMware hosted URLs are accessed by the collector through the firewall:
  • *.vmwareidentity.com
  • gaz.csp-vidm-prod.com
  • *.vmware.com
  • *.ni-onsaas.com

Additionally, NTP and DNS traffic should be allowed for the correct functioning of the vRealize Network Insight Cloud or vRealize Network Insight Cloud collector.

Create a firewall rule with the following details:

  • Name: An appropriate descriptive name
  • Source: The name of the VMware Cloud on AWS Group containing the collector IP address.
  • Destination: Select ANY
  • Services – Select HTTPS, DNS, DNS-UDP, NTP, ICMP
  • Action – Allow
  • Applied To – Internet Interface
  • Logging – Enable logging, if required.