Load balancing allows you to distribute inbound application traffic across multiple back-end destinations, including deployments in public or private clouds. It is therefore a necessity to have the concept of a collection of back-end destinations.

In addition to the load balancing support, vRealize Network Insight Cloud also provides the following advantages:

  • Enables to identify whether the application servers are physical servers or the virtual machines.
  • Allows you to debug or troubleshoot the problems easily by providing visibility into the application server (host or VM) information such as configuration, performance, flows.
  • Provides visibility into physical or virtual networking components in an application where the load is distributed.
  • Raises alerts for any issue in the environment and also helps to detect the reason for the issue. For example, application is not responding because the service node VM is down.
  • Provides end to end flow visibility.
    Note: vRealize Network Insight Cloud does not support end to end flow visibility in NSX Advanced Load Balancer. However, it supports the VM-VM path.
vRealize Network Insight Cloud supports the following load balancing devices.