You can enable streaming telemetry on the Dell OS10 switches to integrate buffer statistics and tracking on Dell switches.

After adding Dell OS10 switches as a data source in vRealize Network Insight, you can enable streaming telemetry on the switches to send buffer related information to the vRealize Network Insight collector.

The vRealize Network Insight collector ingests this telemetry information and extracts the per-port egress buffer peak utilization metric. This metric can be used to diagnose network congestion at a particular switchport in the network, and to identify application performance issues.

If the peak buffer utilization exceeds a threshold of 10 MB, vRealize Network Insight raises the Switchport Buffer Threshold Exceeded Event alert.

Here is an example on how to configure streaming telemetry on a Dell OS10 switch:

destination-group dg03
 destination vRNI Collector IP 50000
subscription-profile sp03
 sensor-group buffer 15000
 destination-group dg03
 encoding gpb
 transport grpc no-tls
 source-interface ethernet1/1/1

For more information about configuring telemetry, see the Dell EMC User Guide.