You can add VMC on AWS Outposts NSX Manager as a data source in vRealize Network Insight Cloud.


  • Add VMware Cloud on AWS - vCenter.
  • Generate API Tokens.

    For VMware Cloud, you must have Administrator and NSX Cloud Admin service roles assigned to you.

  • Ensure that the platform node has a direct internet access. Also, the firewall rules must allow the platform to connect to the internet. To know about firewall rules, see Create VMware Cloud on AWS Firewall Rules for vRealize Network Insight Cloud.

    If you are using a web proxy to access internet, you must configure the web proxy correctly. To know about web proxy configuration, see Configuring Web Proxies for VMware Cloud on AWS.

  • To use all the available vRealize Network Insight Cloud features and to enable the DFW IPFIX on VMware Cloud on AWS Policy Manager, you must have the following privileges:
    Service Organization Role Service Role Allowed Actions
    VMware Cloud on AWS Org Member Administrator and NSX Cloud Admin Add data source and enable IPFIX.


  1. From the left navigation pane, go to Settings > Accounts and Data Sources.
  2. Click Add Source.
  3. Under VMware Cloud (VMC), click VMC - AWS Outposts NSX Manager.
  4. In the Add Accounts or Source page, do the following:
    Option Action
    VMC vCenter Select the corresponding VMware Cloud on AWS vCenter.
    Collector VM The System selects the collector automatically based on your selection of the VMware vCenter.
    Note: You must add the NSX Manager to the same collector VM as of the corresponding VMware vCenter.
    IP Address/FQDN Enter the IP address or the FQDN details.

    You get the IP address from Support tab of VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC Console.

    CSP Refresh Token Enter the API token that you have generated.
    Web Proxy (Optional) Select a web proxy from the Web Proxy (Optional) drop-down menu.
    Note: The Web Proxy (Optional) is visible only if you have configured a web proxy in vRealize Network Insight Cloud.
  5. Click Validate.
  6. To enable the distributed firewall to send IPFIX flow records to the collector, select the Enable DFW IPFIX check box.
    Note: If you get error messages while enabling DFW IPFIX, see Unable to Enable DFW IPFIX troubleshooting topic.
  7. (Optional) In the Nickname text box, enter a nickname.
  8. (Optional) In the Notes text box, add a note if necessary.
  9. Click Submit.

What to do next

Once the data collection starts, you can gain insight into VMC SDDCs on AWS Outposts. To learn more, see Viewing VMC on AWS Outposts SDDC Details.