vRealize Network Insight Cloud delivers intelligent operations for software-defined networking and security. It helps customers build an optimized, highly-available, and secure network infrastructure across multi-cloud environments. It accelerates micro-segmentation planning and deployment, enables visibility across virtual and physical networks, and provides operational views to manage and scale the VMware NSX deployments.

Think of your entire data center as being composed of entities and their relationships. As an example, a virtual machine is an entity, and the virtual machine is part of a Host which is another entity. vRealize Network Insight Cloud provides visibility and information on numerous entities that are part of your data center.
Table 1.
Entities Description
NSX Firewall
Virtual Machine
vSphere Distributed Switch
Physical Switch
Virtual Port Group
Cisco Fabric Extender
Logical Switch
Physical Network Interface Card
Security Group
Group of VMs
Configuration Changes
Router Interface
Network Access Translation (NAT)
Mail Server